KB-1 Overdrive+ pedal

The KB-1 is an original custom overdrive pedal capable of transparent subtle drive to high gain boost, inspired by the original transparent drive pedal.

The KB-1 was designed by Farhad Soheili in collaboration with David Rodriguez of Catrina Engineering.
We took the idea and tone of the classic pedal and added extra distortion capabilities by engaging the second switch. Your tone can now go from crystal clean, to classic overdrive, into high gain distortion and sustain all from one pedal, without having to tinker with settings, just kick on the boost switch.

Clipping vintage germanium transistors it gives a sparkling overdrive while maintaining the clean signals integrity. Running with 24 volts of headroom, your signal integrity stays in tact. There is an additional boost mode where we feed a higher gain soft clipping silicon based overdrive with steady volume throughout the gain sweep. Allowing you to color the germanium side, while maintaining the primary drive’s nuances. An additional internal trim allows you to fine tune the boosts volume to tailor the drive to your setup.

Handmade in USA.