luthier’s blog

Here we will occasionally post updates as well as behind the scenes pics & videos from around our shop, detailing our build process. Check back often.

a trio of translucent white ST-M and TL-M models getting assembly.

beautiful, lightweight, tempered swamp ash bodies

necks! a few off the machine and ready to be cut, fretted, and hand shaped to perfection, next to some completed ones


milling a TL-M body

milling a JM body

How we fit our necks at FSC:

gathering information to reverse engineer this pre cbs vintage neck for a custom build
around the shop…necks in various build stagesB2A8DEC8-D610-4B7E-897C-DC69AF566790custom request, carbon fiber rods on each side of the dual action spoke wheel adjustable truss rod0445C848-F6CC-4B16-BDE1-98511DC7BD07our extra comfort heel contour design 061D8256-5DBD-455E-B892-02B53023D8D4ST-M, JM, TL-M headstocks 0C6DA1A7-A092-44DD-BEDF-63CA56DFBF81compound radius fretboards ready to install and fretC0772FC6-8957-40B5-B200-A53D2B4863D54B089E67-3A53-4DB5-ABCB-330A2160BC02our in house hand-wound vintage replica pickupsBFCAAC80-8031-469A-8AEA-29430D2C86D2