Repair policy


FSC Instruments will evaluate and estimate timeframe, labor, and parts needed for all instruments in person during inspection. It isn’t possible to accurately assess an instrument over the phone or email/pictures.

Typical turn around time for setups and simpler repairs is 3-5 business days. FSC does not accept “rush jobs” which are less than 3 business days turn around time, or any same day work. With a high volume of repairs even the quickest of jobs have their place in line, in order to keep turn around times fair for all customers.

Repair rates are non negotiable.

Please note FSC Instruments is strictly a guitar building and repair custom shop. FSC will only will accept guitars and bass guitars for service. FSC is not a walk-in shop or a guitar store type environment.
FSC does not service or accept instruments which are not an electric or acoustic guitar or a bass guitar. This rules out all amplifiers, effects pedals, mandolins, violins, banjos, all other instruments and accessories, etc.

All instrument drop off and subsequent pick up is by appointment only. Please be sure to arrive right on time, and notify ahead if there’s a change.

FSC Instruments will warranty all repairs and setups for a period of 3 months from repair completion date. This includes free adjustment period of 3 months for all fresh setups which may be affected by changes in weather and humidity levels.

For any repair estimates or parts estimated at $100 or more, FSC Instruments requires 1/2 deposit upfront to cover parts and labor. No parts will be ordered and work will not begin until FSC instruments receives the full deposit amount.

Any instrument not fully paid for or picked up within 30 days of completion will become property of FSC Instruments. FSC Instruments will contact you 3 times via email or phone during this 30 day period to notify you, beginning on the date of repair completion.

Please note if a customer is traveling or having an emergency which prevents them from being able to collect their instrument during the 30 day period, it is their responsibility to email or call and arrange a phone or electronic payment. FSC will in that case extend the pick up policy, after payment is made.

All custom built FSC brand guitars which are purchased or ordered directly from FSC Instruments (non dealer orders) come with a “free once a year full setup/basic maintenance, for life” policy to customers local or traveling to the NYC area. This is in addition to the limited lifetime warranty all FSC built instruments are backed with.

FSC Instruments will not communicate with any 3rd party (other manufacturers, other repair people, music shops, sellers/buyers, appraisers, etc.) at any time.
Some examples: if a customer brings in another shop’s previous repair. Or a customer brings a mismatched, incorrect, or faulty/defective part for installation. In all cases FSC will notify the customer of any issues, and let the customer sort it out directly with the 3rd party.
FSC Instruments will only communicate with parts dealers and suppliers strictly on orders FSC has placed.

FSC Instruments reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will exercise this right at our discretion.