-What is your build process?

We apply modern technology and machinery on parts of the instrument that greatly benefit from it (tight consistent neck pockets, radiused fret slots, consistent body cuts…), we use hand crafted traditional lutherie techniques on other aspects of our instruments where only a handmade, human aspect is appropriate or acceptable (final body contours, hand shaped neck profiles, hand cut bone nuts, detailed fret work, hand scatter wound pickups)

-Do you work with dealers?

Yes, with a select few dealers world wide. If you are a dealer interested in carrying FSC guitars you can contact us here.

-What scale length are your guitars?

25.5” as standard. Other scale lengths are an option as a one off custom request.

-What kind of finishes do you use?

Thin Nitrocellulose lacquers and sealers on bodies and hand rubbed satin varnish on necks.

-Can I purchase a premade guitar?

Yes, we occasionally have a very small number of our models ready on hand at the shop. Please note, these are finished and cannot be customized.

-How long does it take for a customized build?

Estimated wait is typically 18-26 weeks currently per instrument, due to order backlog. Keep in mind we are a small team and quality is our main objective.

-Will you build me my own guitar design or headstock?

At this time we only build our own listed models with some custom options as shown on the instruments page.

-Will you make me just a neck or body?

We do not offer individual custom necks or bodies at this time, only complete guitars. The only “parts” we offer are our hand-wound pickups for individual purchase in limited yearly runs.

-Can I have a discount?


-Can I have a lefty guitar?

Yes! All of our models are also available left handed at no additional charge.

-Do you ship world-wide?

Yes please email us if you have any questions about shipping to your country.

-Do FSC instruments come with a case?

Each model comes with a complementary padded gig bag.

-Why should I buy FSC?

Our designs, ideas, and craftsmanship are backed (and warrantied) by decades of experienced luthier work-we feel this sets our instruments in their own class, we only use the highest quality lumber and materials on our instruments, we spend many hours obsessing and meticulously crafting each instrument, we take great pride in our craft and only make guitars that we ourselves would want to own, each of our instruments are made with love in Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Those are our reasons!