FSC Instruments was founded in summer 2016 by luthier Farhad Soheili in New York City after having dedicated nearly two decades to repairing, restoring, and customizing guitars professionally throughout Southern California and New York.

We are a small team creating a limited yearly run of premium quality, high end instruments. Each FSC instrument is crafted from carefully selected, USA sourced lumber and materials. Our bodies, necks, fretboards, pickguards, and hand-wound vintage style pickups are made from the finest raw materials available. Although we build electric guitars we approach selecting tonewood from a very acoustic standpoint.

Our instruments are vintage inspired in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and tone with added modern features for better playability, extra comfort contours, and roadworthy design. These are simply the instruments we have always wanted to play.
(luthier’s blog)

“The craftsmanship, tone, feel, aesthetics, design, and reliability of my guitars are the result of over twenty years experience working with all levels of musicians from hobbyists to seasoned touring pros in various shops. Learning what they all loved or wanted to modify about their cherished instruments helped guide my own custom designs. I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a luthier in well respected shops while I was honing my craft for decades before I went onto to running one of the busiest repair shops in NYC which gave me up close access to some amazing and historic instruments.

My work is heavily influenced by some of the incredible vintage pieces that have passed through my shop and hands over the years. Many of my builds are carefully reverse engineered directly from what I consider the finest built vintage guitars. This journey ultimately led to me custom building one-off instruments for private clients, and now my small team and I are proud to offer FSC Instruments to the world. I hope you will consider FSC for your next instrument.”

Farhad Soheili
Custom shop founder & luthier
FSC Instruments